Pipework specifications workshop

  • The differences between tube types and the correct pipework specifications to use during projects.


    As the majority of building services projects are still making reference to old, withdrawn, legacy carbon steel pipework standards, there is a significant risk of poor quality, non-compliant products being used.

    Such products are typically imported cold-formed tubes, which can suffer from a range of mechanical, performance, installation and service life issues that can increase the risk and add costs to projects.

    Risks can be significantly reduced by correctly specifying a superior hot-finished welded tube.

    However, even specifying tube to the current BS EN10255 standard does not actually guarantee that a hot-finished product will be supplied.  It is only by additionally requesting a BS EN10217 Part 2 compliant product, with its GH (Get Hot) grade, that a hot-finished tube will definitely be supplied.

    Objective of the workshop

    This workshop will examine the differences in tube manufacturing methods and show how this can affect the performance and service life of pipework systems within building services projects.

    Learning outcomes

    Attendees will gain an understanding of the root causes of typical quality issues associated with imported cold-formed tubes and the correct pipework specifications and approvals to request to ensure hot-finished tubes are supplied.

    Key areas covered

    • Tube manufacturing methods.
    • Hot-finished vs cold-formed.
    • Typical procurement and installation issues.
    • Correct pipework specifications.

    Workshop details

    45 minute presentation provided by Tata Steel, Tubes.
    15 minutes Q&A session.

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