Pipework Installation workshop

  • The protection of pipework by use of hot dip galvanizing


    The process of Hot Dip Galvanising has been used to protect steel from corrosion for more than 150 years.

    By metallurgical bonding it also imparts toughness and abrasion resistance through its alloy layers.

    Its unique characteristics help to provide a long maintenance free life for steel.

    Galvanised carbon steel tubes have been used in large volumes within London underground tunnel projects.  To ensure clients’ service life requirements are satisfied, a greater  thickness of galvanised coating is often specified.

    However, such thicker coatings have actually resulted in a range of perceived quality and installation issues.  Whereas, in fact, the issues identified are actually indicators of a robust, reliable and good quality coating.  This workshop addresses the various installation and quality misconceptions.

    Objective of the workshop

    This workshop will describe the hot dip galvanising process and address the various installation and quality misconceptions.

    Learning outcomes

    Attendees will gain an understanding of zinc coatings and how they preferentially protect carbon steel tubes.

    Key areas covered

    • What is hot dip galvanising.
    • How does zinc protect carbon steel.
    • Installation and quality misconceptions.
    • The benefits of using UK galvanisers.

    Workshop details

    45 minute presentation provided by the UK Galvanisers Association and Tata Steel.
    15 minutes Q&A session.

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