BISPA is launched

Loughborough University launched a new Virtual Reality (VR) training service to support the building and industrial services industry in tackling the challenges of pipework innovation and energy efficiency installations.

BISPA – Building and Industrial Services Pipework Academy is a collaboration between the School of Civil and Building Engineering, Tata Steel and its Tubes business and CIBSE – Chartered Institution of Building Services Engineers.

BISPA was established by Dr Chris Owen, Manager, Customer Technical Services (CTS) – Conveyance, to raise awareness of BIM (Building Information Modelling) and pipework-related issues and innovations, and to proactively promote Install Plus 235 and Inline 265 products within the UK market in support of the commercial sales strategies.

The UK has been set a target to reduce its share of carbon emissions by 80% by 2050, and BISPA aims to promote cost-effective energy saving practice in pipework system design and installation – knowledge which is not readily available in the industry. The right-sizing of pipework – which is often used in large quantities – would lead to an energy-efficient operation, resulting in annual cost savings.

BISPA aims to educate HVAC designers, specifiers, installers and local traders on how to select the correct pipework specifications, measure heat losses and how to properly insulate the pipes in new and retrofit commercial buildings. The pipework courses highlight the features and benefits of our hot-finished tubes and the advantages they have over cold-formed alternatives.

As well as a range of dedicated Install Plus 235 training rigs, new computer models of our tubes have been developed and are now being used within a new Virtual Reality (VR) environment, allowing users to see how tubes are installed and how they interact within the building services systems. This provides designers and installers with new layers of digital information to aid in the design and correct tube selection process.

The new facilities were officially opened on the 6th July 2016 by John Field President of CIBSE. The event was attended by representatives from the University and industry.

Dr Mahroo Eftekhari, School of Civil and Building Engineering said

‘Guests were very impressed with the experimental pipework test rigs and fresh approach to delivering CPD courses. Designers were very impressed with the interface between actual rig output (real time), BIM and VR software. It is very unusual to have direct access to these facilities in a CPD and there are significant benefits for engineers attending this course. BISPA courses will enable designers to understand physical application and implications in future designs, and the importance of selecting the right tube for the pipework systems.’

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